Higher power densities come along with a higher operation temperature. At the same time, devices must last longer. Silver sintered pastes offer a robust lead-free alternative to solder pastes increasing the lifetime of the device up to 10 times.

Major trends in electronic applications involve operation temperatures above 150 °C, increased power density and longer lifetime. This requires a high melting temperature and fatigue resistance, improved thermal conductivity and reduced electrical resistivity of the connecting material.

Silver based sintering technology is suited for high operation temperatures due to its pure Ag die attach layer. They also provide excellent thermal conductivity and at the same time a longer lifetime compared to solder.

The Heraeus mAgic series sinter material is suitable for power applications on DCB (pressure sintering) as well as for lead frame packages (non-pressure sintering).

Key benefits of mAgic sinter paste:

Up to 10 times higher lifetime compared to solder paste
Applicable from extremely low to high temperature range (-55 to 250°C) due to the solid silver layer
Pure Ag interconnect for operation temperatures up to 250°C
Enables increasing of power density (system cost reduction) at a total costs level comparable to solder process
Typical thermal conductivity of 150 W/mK and above
Zero-halogen formulation
Less process steps due to no flux cleaning, no splattering
Designed for use in automatic processing with industrial equipment
Wide process window:
- stencil life time >8h
- both pressure and non pressure sintering available
- variable process temperatures of 200 – 250°C

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