Shenzhen Chipower Technology co., LTD. was founded in 2002, a member of shenzhen LED lighting association . it is a collection research and development,production, sales in one of the high-tech companies, Along with the development of semiconductor and LED industry, the business scope of the company's products is also expanding and keep importing the excellent brand products both in china and abroad,The company's main products include high brightness LED chip (CREE), alloy wire (WIRE),solder paste · aluminum wire (Heraeus), porcelain mouth · cutting blade (K&S), zener diode (CITI) and other semiconductor products and packaging materials.We are also the senior agent of CREE in China.Our company also has advanced testing equipment to provide quality assurance for customer products. , such as: multifunctional push-pull testing machine, tape tearing testing machine, shock proof platform, etc.

After years of continuous efforts and development, Chipower has become a well-known domestic IC&LED packaging materials and solutions enterprises.We are committed to high quality products and excellent service to our customers .The current cooperation customers include:BYD, China Resources, NATIONSTAR, Masonled Technology, Foshan Blue Rocket, Xiamen SAN 'an, XINDECO , LIGHTNING and other well-known enterprises.

Chipower devote continuously to making employees pursue happiness both materially and spiritually. As a member of the society, hold a sense of responsibility to the society, make positive contributions to the society, hope to develop together with colleagues from all walks of life, let life more beautiful!

About Chipower

  • Founded in 2002,Authorized by Cree as exclusive distributor in China for its LED chips
  • K&S Caps/Blade distributor
  • Integrated CREE LED chip sorting test service to provide customers with one-stop services such as chip eutectic, equipment selection, board design and process training.
  • TRY Bonder/Peeling tester distributor in China and oversea ICP and CITC distributor in China
  • 2016,Merged with Orion Tech company