Small design spaces, harsh conditions and the need for reliable circuits are the challenges of many industries like the medical technology sector, the aerospace industry, the automotive industry and telecommunications. Heraeus thick film pastes are the right choice for all of them.

Heraeus offers a wide range of pastes for thick film circuits, such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum or copper conductive pastes. Dielectrics, overglazes and resistive pastes complete the line of Heraeus products for hybrid applications.

These recommended pastes meet current environmental demands, such as RoHS, by offering Pb, Cd, and Ni free formulations. Specific formulations for plateable, solderable and wire bondable applications make up the range of commercially available products.

Principal processing steps are:

screen printing on temperature resistant ceramic substrates
leveling and drying
firing between 500 °C and 1200 °C, typically at 850 °C

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Typical products:

Conductor pastes: C 5729 , C 21xx / C 20xx series, C 4729
Dielectric pastes and overglazes: IP 9227 , IP 9217 , IP 9036 A
Low ohmic resistor series with good pulse stability: R 400 AR -
Nitrogen fireable pastes:
Sealing glasses:

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