For applications like a high-power LED usually a MCPCB is used. But there is a smarter solution for this: Celcion(R). It helps you threefold: it saves costly materials, it speeds up your production process and it gives you the flexibility to design better products.

Heraeus Celcion(R) is a thick film materials system designed to build circuits on aluminum substrates.

Traditionally, MCPCBs are constructed using a subtractive process, adding then removing material. This takes time and often wastes costly material.

Celcion(R), however, incorporates a selective additive deposition process flow—using material only where it's needed. The result is reduced processing steps, less material consumption and simplified bill of materials. Quick and inexpensive design changes can be made. It's an innert glass/metal system - no flammability issues.

Celcion(R) is compatible with Pb-free solders and fine Au wire bonding. The material is Pb-free, RoHS compliant, REACH compliant.

High-Power LED Substrates (>1W input)
Power Electronics
Concentrated Photovoltaic

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Insulating paste: IP 6075 , IP 6080A
Low temperature copper conductor: C7847
Conductor paste: C 8829 D
Cover coat: SM 2000 , IP 6075
Resistor paste: PCR 12000 Series
Resistor system: HTR 12000 AR Series

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