Precious metal powders are used in a wide range of applications and production processes. Quality of the material, size of particles and the possibility to adapt raw materials and alloys to the needs are crucial. Heraeus' deep expertise in precious metal materials, the wide precious metals portfolio, and advanced production and testing capabilities make us your partner of choice for your application.

Heraeus offers fine and ultra fine precious metal powders satisfying the highest demands of modern technology.

Our analytics and application laboratories, containing a wide range of state of the art technical equipment, enable us to closely monitor our precious metal powders – from the raw material right to the finished products – to meet the high quality standards our customers demand.

Conductive Polymers
Electrodes and Terminations
Thick Film Pastes
Ceramic Colors
Solar Cell Metallizations
Fuel Cells

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Particle sizes from 3 nm up to 20 um
Gold: Au200-03 , Au200-09
Platinum: Pt100-10
Palladium: Pd600-03
Silver: Ag300-01 , Ag300-02
Ruthenium dioxide: RuO2 703-04
Alloyed powders
Powder overview

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