High reliablity and structuring flexibility is realized by Thick Print Copper (TPC) technology

TPC pastes are applied to AlN or Al2O3 substrates by screen print process suitable for layers of thickness up to 300 um.

As a hybrid TPC can provide thick layers for powders like MOSFET and IGBT while signal tracks and logical devices thinner layers are applied on the same ceramic - this combination of powder and logic components on one circuit allows for minimum inductance and optimum space utilization.

Heraeus has developed a thick printing Cu conductor paste system for power electronic applications where excellent print quality, thermal conductivity and soldering properties are required. Heraeus' thick print copper system has been developed to be applied on alumina and some aluminum nitride substrates.

Power Electronics
Voltage Converter
Electro and Hybrid Cars

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Thick Print Copper System: C 7403, C 7404A
Fine Line, Wire Bondable Copper Conductor: C 7440
Copper Conductor

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