MFM Series multi-function bond tester is a professional, dynamic shear force ( or “push-pull”) testing instrument used for the failure analysis so crucial in microelectronic, microelectronic packaging, PCAB and and other electronics manufacturing.

Sealed mobile platform

MFM series multi-functional micro solder joint strength tester is sealed on the mobile platform, the motor is not exposed, with high safety and longer maintenance cycle.

Comfortable rocker control

Excellent equipment control performance, all-round protection measures, left and right rocker controllers that can be placed freely, and rocker controllers that are comfortable to operate.

Precise price adjustment of microscope

MFM series multi-functional micro solder joint strength tester can achieve precise adjustment in six directions, convenient and precise.

General control line

MFM series multi-functional micro solder joint strength tester only needs a universal USB printing data line to connect the device and PC, and can control the operation of the device

Requirements for installation

◆A stable, durable platform, capable of supporting 60kg.

◆An adjustable-height chair for operator comfort and productivity.

◆Work space free of drafts or vibration.

◆A stable110V or 220V, 16 A AC power, with three, 3-hole properly grounded outlets.

◆6 bar dry, clean compressed air, supplied to the air intake tube, with an external diameter of 6mm. It is recommended that an adapter or compression tube with external diameter of 6mm be used to supply the compressed air.

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