Continued miniaturization and the incorporation of 3D integrated modules increase the complexity and functionality of packages. Heraeus System in Package (SiP) solder pastes meet the high requirements of fine pitch applications with especially designed advanced compatibility.

Electronic devices are getting continually smaller and more chip functions are integrated into smaller packages. For the solder process pastes with very fine powders are needed. As components and flip-chips gets more densely packed, chemistry compatibility between solder materials is crucial.

Furthermore, cycle times are getting shorter. Robust solder materials enable customers to use a “plug and play” mode

Heraeus advanced packaging products are using type 5 to type 7 fine powders, produced with the Heraeus proprietary Welco technology that results in unique powder properties: Superior quality and sphericity of Welco(R) powders enable fine pitch applications down to 80 um.

Your benefits at a glance:

Perfect compatibility due to matched system of all solder components for best soldering results on very fine pitch applications
Excellent wetting properties for high reliable solder connections
Minimal residue remaining after cleaning for perfect results
Unique powder properties with superior quality and sphericity due to Welco(R) technology for best ultra-fine pitch applications
Long stencil life for a wide process window for seamless manufacturing

Your benefits in working with Heraeus:

Pretested solutions due to our in-house application centre
Exactly the right solution for your application, adapted to your needs

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RF devices

Consumer Electronics & Computing:

Smartphones & mobile phones
Smart TVs
Servers & systems
Imaging devices
Wearable electronics
Smart home appliances

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